" I have often stumbled on deck, even passed by my boat in the marina in the dark. Headlamps, torches and hurricane lamps with messy oil are familiar problems. I decided that there must be a better and easier way to increase visibility and have safer lighting on deck. Deck lights should be easy to install, wireless, rugged and also unobtrusive. 

Diamond Lux Lights were born out of these requirements.

Moving safely on the deck is an absolute requirement for an enjoyable boat trip."

Tapani Hänninen, Captain

Recycled packaging materials

We use only recycled materials in our packaging. The packing can be used as further storage 

Nordic Marine Heritage 

Diamond Lux Lights are designed and manufactured in Finland. 

For further information, please contact to Mr. Tapani Hänninen:
Mobile +358 40 5538 225 E-mail: sales @ diamondluxlights.com